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  1. Thinking of gifts to offer to your guests?
  2. Want to provide gifts that your guests will actually love and use?
  3. START with Maple & Co. body butters and soaps.

Maple & Co. Party Favors.

  • We reach the highest scent throw intensity by using organic fragrances and essential oils. Nothing artificial. 

  • $100 consultation fee is required. Includes
    • We will ship or deliver a sample package of what WE provide.
    • Discussion of what you want.
    • We only have 3 masculine scents and 3 feminine scents available for custom orders.
    • No other scents are available at this time.
    • No refunds. No exceptions.
  • HydroButters come in 4 oz. plastic jars with black or white lids at $8 each. Glass jars with gold or silver lids provided upon request and will require an up charge (market price for glass jars). 

  • Minimum purchase of 25 required. 

  • 3-4 month advance notice is required for all orders. This is a CUSTOM order and it takes time to create your vision. There are no exceptions. 
  • Label design requires a $50-100 up charge. Customer receives 3 label choices to choose from. More than one label design requires an up charge and will be discussed with customer. We only work with a high gloss finish. Other label finishes has to be outsourced. (We can ship you body butters without labels.)
  • There are no discounts available for custom orders.
  • All custom orders must be paid in full before any production starts.
  • No refunds. No exceptions.


  1. Must text, e-mail, or call Maple & Co to place an order. 
  2. We will create an invoice and e-mail it to you with every detail discussed. Once invoice is paid, we will start the production of your order.
  3. If you're in the Greater New Orleans Area, we will deliver your order to you at no extra costs. 
  4. If you are outside of the Greater New Orleans Area, we will ship your final product. Shipping costs will be included in invoice. 

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